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Following the Science with ActivePure Technology to control or eliminate sources of pollution.

Exponentially and consistently mediate the microbial/viral populations and reproductive capabilities of the Covid-19 virus thus, proactively “Flatten the curve” of infection rates.  This will immediately lower the transmission and infectious rates and then identical procedures should be followed by other community sectors in a comprehensive and organized manner which will:

1- Safely and effectively remove biofilms, bacteria and viruses on all surfaces, utilizing EPA N-list approved cleaners and disinfectants with additional antimicrobial coating protection, along with 24/7 continuous kill and control.

2- Provide a continuous/sustained, antimicrobial environment infused within all textile related surface areas including, but not limited to curtains, linens, upholstery, clothing and PPEs which attract, then eliminate all surface borne viruses and bacteria.

3- Provide cleaning and disinfecting with EPA N-List approved disinfectants for Covid-19, along with long term, antimicrobial coating protection for HVAC and ventilation systems.

4- Provide a sanitized, indoor air quality mechanism with a proven air system, which disinfects airborne Covid-19 and other types of unhealthy microbes within the entire indoor air space.


Why go with Sustain Tek? Effectively controlling Covid-19 is essential to the reopening and normalization within our communities and businesses. Sustain Tek will unveil scientifically proven and vetted processes to protect the lives and safety of all citizens and visitors that use these protocols during reopening.  This united effort will set an example and model that will demonstrate the control and subsequent flattening of Covid-19, due to the cooperative effort of everyone.

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