About Us:

The Founder of Sustain Tek LLC has worked diligently since the early 1980's towards developing sustainable technologies in the field of biosciences and nano-sciences to develop cleaner, safer, and more effective technologies.  This was done to help society move in a positive direction.  The effort made is reflected in the types of technologies developed and offered, which has shown actual proof in day-to-day results and benefits derived.

In view of the breakthrough made with the creation of Hawaii Pure Clean, the main goal was to create a product that was safe for workers and occupants, as well as the environment.  The next step was to accomplish the performance and capabilities to clean efficiently, which proved to be far greater than anticipated.

Finally, the question of how cost effective and economically viable would our product(s) be, in view of pricing, labor and time needed to effectively do the job.  This also turned out better than expected.  We are all proud of our team effort and accomplishment to date and want to dedicate our technologies to all who can benefit. “Mahalo”


Hawaii Pure Clean is a scientifically designed natural, non-toxic, all-purpose cleaner and restoring agent that is safe for daily use and can be used in a multitude of applications, unlike many of the common detergent-based toxic chemical cleaners on the market today.  The effectiveness and versatility of Hawaii Pure Clean was accomplished in 2017 with tremendous effort on the part of our scientists and technical team.  This safe and effective cleaning formula is now being used in commercial, government, and industrial facilities, in conjunction with our NSF food surface sanitizer, hospital approved disinfectant.  Many industries have adopted this safe and effective cleaning, restoration and sanitizing protocol in Hawaii and elsewhere in the continental U.S.A.

Technical Development:

Hawaii Pure Clean was scientifically designed and formulated to use only natural, non-toxic, non-detergent and eco-friendly ingredients to safely use and apply daily, while effectively removing the "build up" that  toxic, detergent-based cleaners leave behind as residual films that build up over time with constant use. When used as directed, Hawaii Pure Clean will naturally restore your surfaces to its new condition.  Hawaii Pure Clean is a highly versatile, non-detergent cleaner that can replace large inventories of specialty cleaners while being formulated for a multitude of tasks.

In conjunction with the versatile, all-purpose Hawaii Pure Clean is our hospital grade, non-rinse, NSF approved disinfectant called "Vital Oxide", which is used to eliminate odors, molds, viruses and bacteria. This two-step program will insure that the health and safety of all building occupants are significantly improved and the risk of airborne induced sickness reduced.

Hawaii Pure Clean and Vital Oxide is easy to use and effective, as well as being very cost-effective by lowering labor and extensive (and expensive) annual restoration, and replacement of materials.  

There is a growing trend for administrators across the country to be concerned with the health and welfare of their respective staffers. Especially regarding maintenance and custodial duties, while guarding them from the risk of hazardous cleaning chemicals aligned with their daily work tasks.  

If it is possible to reduce the health and safety risk existing from the use of toxic chemical exposure to the eyes, lungs and skin, this would be exercising due diligence and prudence in so far as management is concerned. This kind of consideration would really be greatly appreciated by workers and their families, as well as reducing the risks of illnesses and subsequent liabilities due to vulnerability to these potential occupational hazards and "risks".  

Education is the key: allowing all people to understand the potential hazards using traditional cleaning products. In any event, Hawaii Pure Clean and Vital Oxide are the ultimate, safe cleaning, and disinfectant process that can safeguard the health and safety of workers.

Occupants within any type of indoor facilities are protected as well, besides being safe for the environment and having versatile and outstanding performance features to reduce labor, water, energy, and time to get the job done!

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